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Advanced Password Utility

Advanced Password Utility is a utility designed to lock your ComputerCraft computer. This program was coded in LuaJ 5.1 and will only work on CraftOS 1.6 or higher. It can run on all desktop computers, but there's currently no support for Pocket Computers. That will be coming soon.


This utility limits CraftOS to a very basic level, where if you don't know the password, it literally turns your computer into a bleeping waste of air. Otherwise, the computer is fully functional.

To use APU, it requires some commands. These commands are:

  • edit (Doesn't do anything, just frustrates hackers)
  • unlock (Once entered, type your password and press Enter. The computer will then unlock)
  • about (Displays information about the author and version)
  • shutdown (Turns off the computer)
  • help (Displays all the commands available when locked)

Install instructions


  • ComputerCraft OR CCEmuRedux OR CCLite
  • Internet connection


To install Advanced Password Utility, open a terminal up and type the following command:

<span class="pln">pastebin run </span><span class="typ">JSkhhZpg</span>

Then follow through the setup and read the on-screen prompts. Once the setup completes, it will restart your computer.


advanced_password_utility_setup.lua 2 kB

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